Introducing the HECM MAX5

Reverse Mortgage Funding's exciting new product—HECM MAX5—is the industry’s first monthly adjustable rate, CMT-based, federally-insured* Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) with a lifetime cap of 5% over the initial rate.
  • Reduces the lifetime interest rate cap to 5% over the initial rate—half the potential increase of a traditional, monthly adjustable rate HECM
  • Offers a lower lifetime cap as compared to a traditional monthly adjustable HECM
  • Gives borrowers access to the same amount of available proceeds, as compared to a traditional monthly adjustable HECM while providing peace of mind against rising interest rates

Rate based on the one-year CMT Index

HECM ARM with 5% lifetime cap over the initial rate

All payment plan options available

An open-ended loan with no minimum initial draw


We’re proud to be the first to provide this exciting new product to you and your clients—so you can offer them greater protection and peace of mind against future rising interest rates.

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