Keeping the Momentum Going for Today’s Senior Population: RMF Partners with Meals on Wheels

Posted: June 28, 2021

No other age group is growing as fast as Baby Boomers. In fact, the nation’s 65+ population jumped by over a third during the past decade, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

This level of growth puts financial wellness tools like reverse mortgages in high demand. It also greatly accelerates the need for vital community services such as Meals on Wheels. 

Even before COVID-19 emerged as a worldwide threat, nearly 10 million seniors in America struggled with hunger. When the pandemic hit, millions more older adults found themselves sheltering in place — more isolated, vulnerable and in need of urgent support, practically overnight.

This demand hasn’t slowed. Nearly 9 out of 10 local Meals on Wheels programs report there is still an unmet need in their communities. That’s why Reverse Mortgage Funding (RMF) welcomes the opportunity to aid Meals on Wheels in its mission to address senior hunger and isolation.

As a donor to the Meals on Wheels Momentum Circle, RMF helps support the infrastructure, innovative research, programming and critical resources necessary to support the Meals on Wheels network.

RMF’s mission has always been to help older Americans live a comfortable, safe and financially secure retirement. Our customer focused approach prioritizes education and financial wellness in planning for retirement and the best way to fund it, including breakthrough solutions to address the senior population’s unique challenges. 

“Now is not the time to lose momentum, so we are extremely grateful to RMF for its commitment to help us ensure our senior neighbors are always safe, cared for and never feel alone,” says Kristine Templin, Chief Development Officer at Meals on Wheels America.

She continues, “While the rest of the country re-emerges from COVID lockdowns and restrictions, the demands from the pandemic have not subsided for homebound seniors and the local programs that serve them.”

RMF shares Meals on Wheels’ commitment to the local communities it serves. Our local loan specialists are active community leaders and volunteers who strive to maintain long-term relationships. Visit to help us support this remarkable organization.